At the foothills of the towering snow-covered Carpathian Mountains, among the roaring waterfalls, rivers that cover the entire horizon, and picturesque houses, to the sound of the bleating sheep and splashing water outside the window, in the pure air setting off the primordial beauty of creation, in endless expanses of lush vegetation and snow, sits a magnificent spa hotel.


Romantic Spa Hotel ****

Is a prestigious four-star plus hotel, built in the best of European tradition, offering a variety of sumptuous guest rooms, fully-equipped suites, beautifully designed dining rooms, and a rich and relaxing romantic atmosphere, blending in well with the surrounding breath-taking panoramic landscape.

The hotel has a swimming pool, dry and wet sauna, even a salt room, and gym at the disposal of the hotel guests.

There is also a game room, gymboree, yard with playground equipment, and swimming pool suitable for children.


The hotel is located in a beautiful location near all popular local attractions, including skiing and tobogganing in the winter, cable cars, omegas, bungee, carting, tracks for biking, jeep trips and ATV’s, horseback riding, rafting, extreme activity, trails through the waterfalls, and even a variety of attractions and amusement centers designed for children.

There are also giant shopping centers, authentic markets, and a variety of entertainment areas with a unique exclusive Ukrainian atmosphere.

Grommet with Tour Olam

In a spacious and stylish dining room, with a special romantic atmosphere, hotel guests can enjoy three strictly kosher gourmet meals a day, Kosher Mehadrin according to all the stringencies of the Passover holiday, with matza shmura and without shruya or kitniyot.

For those interested, the central Seder will be conducted with grandeur under the guidance of an experienced rabbi and cantor.

Perfect service, excellent flavor, unlimited abundance, a coffee and cake corner available at all times, all these harmoniously complement the pleasurable conditions of the holiday.

Trips and Tombs of the Righteous

The hotel’s location in the heart of the Carpathian region provides an excellent departure point for excursions to scenic areas with a taste of the past.

During these trips, we will travel to waterfalls, rivers, and lakes, enchanting towns and take a peek at the life of the locals in places where time stands still.

There are also many graves of Tsaddikim buried in the area, from such places as: Nadvorna, Vizhnitz, Kolmiya, Kitov, Kisov, Sadigura, and Boyan.

The perfect combination of the pastoral area and the holy atmosphere steeped in history, creates a complete experience for body and soul.

Pesach season start from 18/04/2019, till 28/04/2019